On 22 Sep 2016 the club approved a one-year sponsorship for a local association, MUNDIS (Mundo de Discapacidad), via financial support through our own local funding. MUNDIS is a non-lucrative, apolitical and secular community association governed by an internally elected  board of directors that provides assistance to disabled residents of the municipality of Sololá in the areas of technical, social, educational, cultural and economic  support .

MUNDIS is dedicated to strengthening both existing and planned programs of support for children and adults of all ages who suffer from disabilities. It coordinates its own efforts with the  plans, programs, and projects of governmental and other non-governmental  entities. It is notable, however, that very little government resourcing has been directed toward this purpose although the need is great.

In addition to providing material support for the disabled and focusing public appreciation on the basic needs of handicapped people, MUNDIS has identified two specific priority areas of focus: (a.)Addressing the problem of  6th Grade (Primary school) graduates who  lack opportunities for continuity in their personal development through access to  further education. (b.) Establishing a program of occupational development for disabled persons  which identifies and develops individual talents with the purpose of preparing them for life and inclusion in society.

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