Rotary Club Members:

Dr. William Boegel – Chapter president and founder of Opal House Guatemala, a participating NGO.
Richard Morgan – Chapter vice president. He is author of various books on Lake Atitlán, operates a travel lodge and cultural center, Posada Los Encuentros in Panajachel, and conducts educational tours.
Emilio Crespo – Rotary Treasurer and Manager of Hotel Cacique Inn
Mayra Lisbeth Tobías M. – Secretary of e-Club Lake Atitlán and local law firm owner.
Dwight Poage – Project/grant coordinator and co-founders of Mayan Families, a participating NGO.

Members at large:

Arlaine Cervantes
Sharon Smart
Vivian Harvey
David Griggs
John van Lente
Julia Rayberg
Bruce Clemens
Joe Wakely
John Barrie
Juan Carlos Chevez
Mohammed Gohar
Shawn Eisenhauer
Enrique Consenza
Eliza Strode
Dan Russell
Arlaine Cervantes
Charles Clark

Participating NGO’s and Friends:

Opal House Guatemala –
Mayan Families –