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  • Local NGO/Rotary projects currently in development
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Lake Atitlán, acclaimed as the world’s most beautiful lake by most who see it, is also threatened by all the usual problems that come with development. One of the principal goals of the Rotary E-Club Lake Atitlán is to work to improve the conditions that threaten it, for many years to come.

Our local Projects:

The great strength of Rotary is the ability to multiply money through the grant process, turning big ideas with small beginnings into big ideas with big outcomes. However, as all Rotarian’s are keenly aware, the Rotary Grant process can also be a very long, tedious affair.

Therefore, in order to try and meet the needs of small local projects, to the right of this note you will find a link to various community projects that are either executed directly by the Club or are executed by local NGO’s and supervised by Rotary members who work with the executing NGO. All of the projects listed are ‘Rotarian guaranteed’ and Rotarian monitored to be exactly what they say they are, and your support for any of them, if an American taxpayer, can be fully tax-deductible.


goto-meeting-iconHi everyone, remember meetings are every Thursday at 1:00pm local time

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Meeting ID: 624-731-301

Note: Meetings are held in both English and/or Spanish.

Latest updates:

Third Annual Rotary Science Symposium on Lake Atitlán.
Lectures/information available here.

These are some of the actions that we, as Rotarian's, are taking in face of the emergency caused by the eruption of Volcán de Fuego.
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A video presentation by Bruce Clemens from Agua del Pueblo in preparation for the Rotary International Convention, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.