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    Lake Atitlán is a large lake in the Guatemalan Highlands, a lake called by Aldous Huxley "The most beautiful lake in the world". The lake is surround by three volcanoes on its southern flank, and along it's edges sit the small 'pueblos' of the Mayan people who settled the lake some 1300 years ago.

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    We regularly publish community projects that are executed by our club members in cooperation with local NGO’s. Click here to read the latest project proposals.

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Rotary e-Club Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlán Rotary is one of Central America's newest Rotary service clubs. We meet in the lakeside town of Panajachel, but as an e-club we count members worldwide. This reflects our local community, which is home to folks from at least 43 countries and every continent. We come to meetings by car, by boat, and of course... via cyberspace.

Lake Atitlán, acclaimed as the world's most beautiful lake by most who see it, is also threatened by all the usual problems that come with development.  One of the principal goals of the Rotary E-Club Lake Atitlan is to work to improve the conditions that threaten it, and guarantee it's spectacular beauty for many years to come. 

As a Club, our "battle-born" history is as interesting as it is short, and our project profile is as eclectic as the needs of our towns are varied. 

Local Projects:

The great strength of Rotary is the ability to multiply money through the grant process, turning big ideas with small beginnings into big ideas with big outcomes.  However, as all Rotarians are keenly aware, the Rotary Grant process can also be a very long, tedious affair.  

Therefore, in order to try and meet the needs of small local projects, to the right of this note you will  find a link to various community projects that are either executed directly by the Club or are executed by local NGO’s and supervised by Rotary members who work with the executing NGO.  All of the projects listed are 'Rotarian guaranteed' and Rotarian monitored to be exactly what they say they are, and your support for any of them, if an American taxpayer, can be fully tax-deductible.